I’ve been planning a new name for a long time and now it’s official, the name Eliaajz won’t be used anymore, here’s the new links.



Something in my taste..

My new ride, enjoy this filthy whore.

Vertex bodykit
Custom built hood
Custom built roof spoiler
Special orange colour

NRG steering wheel
Orange coloured details

Redtop SR20DET
Low mount manifold
Custom built intake manifold
HKS fuelrail + fuel pressure regulator
Garrett T28
Custom piping 3″
3″ shotgun mufflers
Sport airfilter
Custom strutbar

Suspensions, rim, tire & brakes:
TEIN suspension kit
Work VS-KF
Falken tyres
ProjectU brakes

Click on the picture for better resolution and higher quality!


Finally this filthy whore is mounted up!

Only got 1,520 views on this wordpress, come on people, am I that bad? Oh well, I blame the inactivity is one of the reasons. I’ve been having such a good time lately, the computer has mostly been turned off and alone, haha.. So, I just got home from a sick day in the “house”, where we all take our bmx bikes and shred the shit out of it. So took a shower and than I ended up fixing the 180SX a little bit, so give me a comment, share my page, whatever, some downloads might appear soon too!

Click on the picture for higher resolution and better quality.


Peace out!